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mission statement

To be the UK construction sector’s first choice for safe, combined access solutions which are delivered on time, on budget and with complete professionalism.

our story

We don’t mind admitting that alliedaccess has grown from humble origins. Back in 1982, we had two three-tonne trucks and worked out of an Oldham lockup, but our team has always had vision and a remarkable work ethic. Now, we’re one of the largest independently owned access companies in the North of England, and we’ve achieved that by doing the right things and looking after our customers.

We’ve served all-types of industry – even nuclear power, where, as you’ll expect, standards are exacting – and over the years our reputation has grown. This is a business that has evolved and is still evolving. We’re now operating out of multiple sites, have specific divisions for scaffolding, mast climbers and hoists and are working with some of the biggest names in construction on key infrastructure projects.

The alliedaccess philosophy is excellence from start to finish. From the earliest stages of a project, we focus on the contribution we can make to our client’s success, and we’ve proven that we deserve the trust clients place in us.  There is real strength in our approach and genuine expertise in our team, but we’re also driven by a love of construction. It warms the heart to see what we have helped to build.

We might have started small, but our growth demonstrates our skill, energy and commitment. We are excited about the future, and what’s more, we’re ready for it.

the team

Just like our business, our team keeps growing. Together, we’ve got a huge amount of expertise and experience. We’ve put in years of studying and hard graft, but you’ll find we’re all friendly and easy to talk to.

When you work with alliedaccess, you’ll have a dedicated single point of contact, so you won’t need to know everyone, but here’s a quick intro to some of the key names and faces.

meet the team

John Bracken

CEO & Chairman

Tony Stickland

General Manager

Andrew Gaynor

Compliance & Governance manager

Will Webb

Business Development Manager

Matthew Bracken

Head of Powered Access

Steve Bannister

Head of Scaffolding

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allied in the environment

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We have our own stock of scaffolding system, our own fleet of vehicles and our own teams of qualified staff. We have contracts managers who ensure your project  progresses as planned, and we have engineering and safety specialists.

Mast climbers are ideal when speed is important. Quicker to set up than conventional scaffolding they allow more efficient working, getting labour and materials into position swiftly. Changing the height of the working platform is as easy as pressing a button.

A construction hoist is the effective way to move passengers and materials on site and with our range of units, there is a solution for all projects. Designed for ease of operation and for a smooth swift ride, our hoists have 22 specialised safety features.

what our clients say…

“Well done to the entire team. Calm professional and in control … a great deal of personal effort in challenging conditions. Many thanks.”

Richard Walker, ALT Member Amey

“Great job everybody, really well done.”

Nick Spall, Network Rail