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Opened in 2017 in St Helens, our mast climbers division is transforming the face of construction projects across the UK.  We started with 70 single / 35 twin units, and by 2019 that capacity will have doubled.

The growth reflects the changing nature of many projects and the need for an alternative to ladders, staging or conventional scaffolding. For occupied buildings, they offer a less obtrusive and disruptive access solution than scaffolding, reducing the impact on residents. The platforms can be raised at night and are less likely than scaffolding to be scaled by vandals.

Mast climbers are ideal when speed is important. Quicker to set up than conventional scaffolding they allow more efficient working, getting labour and materials into position swiftly. Changing the height of the working platform is as easy as pressing a button. Using mast climbers where appropriate can result in considerable savings in a project’s labour cost.

Our service is complete, including site surveys and preparation, building ties, erection, cabling, inspection and hazard identification. Safety is always paramount. Our mast climbers have as many as 20 specialised main safety features and are inspected and maintained to the highest standards.

The capacity of our mast climbers is impressive:

  • Maximum length 32m for a twin mast unit

  • Maximum mast climber height is 250m

  • Maximum payload is 4,500kg

Case studies
  • An alternative to conventional scaffolding, staging or MEWPs
  • Ideal when speed, cost and efficiency are paramount
  • Platform height adjustment guarantees a comfortable working level
  • Service includes site surveys, expert assistance through planning and tendering, professional installation, operator training and quality service and maintenance throughout the contract
  • Latest and most up to date mast climber designs provide high level of safety features as well as flexibility
  • Highly experienced team spanning over 30 years within the mast climber industry

Ancoats, Manchester

Thornbank Towers, Bolton

Port Street, Manchester

other services

We have our own stock of scaffolding system, our own fleet of vehicles and our own teams of qualified staff. We have contracts managers who ensure your project  progresses as planned, and we have engineering and safety specialists.

A construction hoist is the effective way to move passengers and materials on site and with our range of units, there is a solution for all projects. Designed for ease of operation and for a smooth swift ride, our hoists have 22 specialised safety features.

Most large-scale projects benefit from a mixture of approaches for providing access that need to meet the individual demands of each site and construction. This is why alliedaccess is proud to offer scaffolding, hoists and mast climbers.

what our clients say…

“Well done to the entire team. Calm professional and in control … a great deal of personal effort in challenging conditions. Many thanks.”

Richard Walker, ALT Member Amey

“Great job everybody, really well done.”

Nick Spall, Network Rail

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