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We don’t like to make too many assumptions. We find that facts are more useful. But if you’re reading these pages, we suspect you’re involved with construction. Maybe you’ve got an upcoming project. Maybe you’re considering which contractors to work with. It could be that you’re just curious about who we are and what we do. Whatever your reason, you’re welcome to get in touch and learn more.

Over the years, we have worked with everybody from housebuilders to providers of rail networks. We’ve provided the access for both restoration projects on historic buildings and landmark office blocks in city centres. Every project, whatever its size or budget, is given our utmost care.

When you have schedules and budgets, we stick to them. When you have challenges, we collaborate to find solutions that keep your project on track.  By providing safe access for your workforce and helping to deliver building materials right where they are needed, we’re increasing your efficiency, controlling your costs and helping you to excel.

But we don’t like assumptions, so talk to us, and tell us what you do.

We’re alliedaccess, a multi-disciplined access solutions provider for the construction sector.

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We have our own stock of scaffolding system, our own fleet of vehicles and our own teams of qualified staff. We have contracts managers who ensure that your construction project can progress as planned, however challenging the conditions, and engineering and safety specialists.

Mast climbers are ideal when speed is important. Quicker to set up than conventional scaffolding they allow more efficient working, getting labour and materials into position swiftly. Changing the height of the working platform is as easy as pressing a button.

A construction hoist is the effective way to move passengers and materials on site and with our range of units, there is a solution for all projects. Designed for ease of operation and for a smooth swift ride, our hoists have 22 specialised safety features.

what our clients say…

“Well done to the entire team. Calm professional and in control … a great deal of personal effort in challenging conditions. Many thanks.”

Richard Walker, ALT Member Amey

“Great job everybody, really well done.”

Nick Spall, Network Rail